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How to Become a Sextoy Reviewer

sextoy review

There are many reasons to become a sextoy reviewer. You can work for a manufacturer or online adult product website, but it takes creativity and dynamic presentation to stand out from the pack of eager reviewers. This career choice is both fun and lucrative. Below are some tips on becoming a sextoy tester. You can start a website of your own or work for a manufacturer to get the toys you want for free.


The sextoy Nova is one of the newer models that are available for purchase. With a dual motor system, users can control both the internal and external arm at once, or independently. This product can be controlled through an app that allows you to customize the speed and patterns of the vibrations. The Nova is designed to fit most women’s needs, but it may not be for everyone. In addition to its lack of intense pressure, users can also control the vibrating speed by pressing the buttons on the unit itself.

The toy measures 8.46 inches long and can fully insert itself into the vagina. It will not go deeper than that, however. Its big clitoral arm cuts off the vaginal arm, so it will not work well for all sexes. If you are concerned about safety, you can try the Nova’s travel lock function, which will keep it locked during travel. It vibrates twice to let you know that you can unlock it. The controls for a sextoy are easy to follow and are easy to use.

Lelo Sona 2

Let’s start with the basics of this sextoy. First, its nozzle has no memory, and it begins stimulation from the basic settings. Then, you can customize your preferences by memorizing which stimulation pattern you like best. Then, you can adjust the intensity to match the level of pleasure you’re seeking. After all, it’s a new sextoy, so you’ll need to understand how to use it.

So, what makes the Lelo Sona 2 better than its predecessor? Unlike the previous Sona Cruise, the new one is significantly quieter. It also produces better suction stimulation. Both versions have the same charging cable, and they both have the same kinds of buttons. The main difference between the two sextoys is their sound, and they are great for making your partner squirm with intense pleasure.

Nova 2

WE-VIBE has come up with a great sextoy, the Nova 2. It is very easy to use and offers an easy to control clitoridienne. It is silicone and souple, and has 10 vibration modes and thirteen intensity levels for the ultimate experience. This sextoy can even be used under the shower. There are many benefits of this sextoy, including a non-toxic, washable design.

The Nova 2 is a vibrating toy that features 10 settings. The user can cycle through each of these settings with the push of a single button. Some of these patterns are set to alternate between the internal and external arm. The Nova 2 can also sync with your music library. Whether you’re listening to classical music or electronic dance music, you’ll be able to find a good combination of patterns to satisfy your needs and get your partner’s attention.

Starlet 2

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is ergonomically designed to produce touch-free orgasms. Its patented Pleasure Wave Technology ensures that you will never touch your clitoris or experience overstimulation. The Starlet 2 is comfortable enough for both solo and partner play and will give you both the thrill and satisfaction of oral sex. Read on to find out how this device can enhance your love life.

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is made of ABS plastic, rather than silicone. The Duo and the Premium both use silicone. ABS plastic is less soft, but helps to keep the overall price down. While it is not as flexible as silicone, ABS plastic is healthy for your body and does not contain latex or phthalates. You’ll find the Starlet 2 more comfortable than the Liberty. If you’re looking for a light model, this is a good choice.

Nova 3

The sextoy Nova 3 is an impressive device that makes sex time more enjoyable. Its dual motors make it easy to control both the internal and external arms at the same time. The control pad is very easy to use, even in the dark, and the powerful motors are quiet. It’s great for city dwellers living in glorified tins. While its design is impressive, some people aren’t convinced that it can provide the level of gratification that they desire.

The Nova 2 features 10 functions with an easy to navigate interface. It has a Touch mode, where you can wave your finger to increase the power. The toy also has a music player that syncs with the music playing around you. By pressing the plus button, you can also control the volume and pattern mode of the vibrating toy. After that, you can enjoy the soothing, calming vibrations for as long as you like.

Nova 4

The We-Vibe Nova 4 is an app-compatible sex toy for couples. It lets you control your partner’s orgasm from anywhere, regardless of distance. It works best when lubricated before use, which enhances stimulation. After use, you can wipe it clean with a toy cleaner. Unlike some other sex toys, the Nova cannot be discounted in dollar or percentage form.

The sextoy comes with four interchangeable buttons. To activate or deactivate the vibrating action, press the plus button. When the sextoy vibrates, it vibrates twice. You can also adjust the vibration settings for each individual arm independently. For more options, you can also purchase the Nova 4 with two separate batteries. This means you can enjoy two distinct experiences at once. This toy is great for couples who are on the go.

Nova 5

The sextoy Nova 5 is a wireless device that lets you control both the internal and external arms at the same time. The toy is waterproof and features dual motors so that you can control both at the same time. The two arms can also be controlled independently or in tandem. This device is also compatible with the We-Vibe app, which makes pairing and controlling the sextoy easier.

The clitoral stimulation device measures 8.46 inches in length and is 3.1 inches deep when fully inserted. You can also insert it further if you wish. The girdier point tips are positioned at the highest point of the curvature, making it easy to insert and remove. The sextoy has a flexible clit attachment and can be attached to the clit without causing any discomfort.

Nova 6

The sextoy Nova 6 is waterproof and rechargeable. Its rechargeable battery life is the best in the industry, at over two hours. It also features a low battery indicator light. It is water resistant, and its silicone construction makes it soft to the touch. Although the toy is rechargeable, it does require a phone or tablet with a wi-fi connection and a data plan.

The sextoy Nova comes with a 1 year warranty and a variety of customizable patterns. This device uses the Feel Performer Technology to provide interactive sex with your partner. The app will even allow you to create your own custom vibration modes. The device is designed to be waterproof, and it’s also available in black or silver. If you’re interested in learning more about the Nova 6, read on!

Nova 7

Among the best-selling sextoys of all time, the Nova 7 is the perfect choice for those looking for an advanced sex experience. The Nova’s control pad is easy to use and navigate even in darkened rooms, and its powerful motors are quiet. This makes it an excellent choice for those who live in a glorified sardine tin, as the Nova has a powerful, yet whisper-quiet motor.

This high-end sextoy has a wide range of functions and is ideal for multiple users. The slim design and bendable arms make it ideal for a variety of body types. Whether it’s a male or a female, the curved clitoral stimulator can conform to the shape of your clitoris, while the internal arm delivers powerful G-spot stimulation. Despite its price, you’ll still be able to find an upscale sextoy for yourself.

Nova 8

The sleek and non-threatening design of the sextoy Nova 8 makes it the perfect choice for those who prefer a quieter, less intense experience. Made of body-safe silicone, it can last for a long time between charges and is comfortable to hold. The toy features 10 different vibration modes and lets you customize the vibrations to suit your preference. You can even create your own. Although its features aren’t unique, they are definitely worth considering.

One of the main advantages of the Nova is its C-shape design and flexible clitoral arm. This allows for more comfortable thrusting without sacrificing clitoral stimulation. In addition, the Nova also comes with a white silky storage pouch. It is 8.5 inches long overall and has five insertable arms. Each arm has a diameter of 1.35 inches, making it an easy to handle and convenient toy to use.

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